First Day of Fall || Mustard Skirt & Orange Cardigan

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Fall is here! Autumn is here! The leaves are slowly turning colors, and I couldn’t help but blend in. To celebrate the first day of fall, I decided on this very warm autumn look.


I found this mustard bucket skirt at a thrift store and knew that it would become a staple in my closet. For this look I added a white blouse for a neutral base, then topped it off with an orange cardigan. I tied a skinny scarf around the neck to wrap the entire look together. Simple yet colorful. READ MORE

London Fashion Week || Skinny Scarf & Knit Cardigan

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This week is London Fashion Week. I’m not there, but I like to stay connected. New York fashion week just ended and from all the live broadcast to instagram updates, I’m excited for spring! I want to share 3 ways to stay connected during fashion week for those of you, like myself, who are not there.

But first, because I’m not in London, I want to share this fall look with you. I love the skinny scarves! There are so many ways they can be worn. (I think I might dedicate a YouTube video for it). Either way, I incorporated the skinny scarf into this fall-inspired outfit. I went with a blue knit cardigan; I like the thicker heavier material. It definitely helps to combat the cool weather, especially the cool mornings and evenings. I opt for a pink skirt to contrast the blue cardigan and for a pop of color. I finished with a pair of chestnut-colored sandals (similar here).


And now, 3 ways to stay update-to-date during fashion weeks READ MORE

Twin Cities Skyline || MN State Fair Weekend

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I spent a weekend in the twin cities. Everytime I head up there, my boyfriend and I always hit up the pet shops to see the puppies. I was tempted to bring this one home…but I didn’t. (Isn’t it cute though?). While our trips there are usually short-lived, I enjoy seeing furry babies.

I also requested that we go to his secret skyline spot. He granted, but we had to bike there. I haven’t biked in years and it was a scary little adventure. I also got motion sickness, regardless, the view was beautiful. I definitely have editorial ideas up my sleeves. We also stopped by a nearby park to walk around and relax.

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