Defining Happiness || Winter December Holiday

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Happy December! Whether you celebrate a holiday this season or not, you can definitely see the festive decorations and hear the Christmas music being played at stores. I love this holiday season for oh so many reasons. One of those reasons, is the atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Happiness, according to Psychology today, defines it as a state of well-being that encompasses READ MORE

Gift Guide for the Fashionista || Gift Guide for Her

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Because the holiday is upon us, I’ve decided to gather up a gift guide idea for you. This gift guide is for that fashion girl in your life.

I think the difficult part about getting a gift for a friend who is fashionable is that that person usually has a certain style or knows what s/he likes. However, that shouldn’t discourage you in getting some fashion-related gifts.

I’ve put together 10 gift ideas you can get for your fashion friend. Of course, these are only ideas for inspirational purposes only.

fashion gift guide for the fashion girl

Here is my gift guide for her. Gift ideas for the fashionista. READ MORE

Dresses for the Holidays || Holiday Dresses

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I can’t Halloween is over and November is here. The holiday season is in full swing. Today I want to share with you four dresses for the Holidays. These dresses are for inspirational purposes. I know everyone celebrates different holidays and/or celebrate holidays differently. I think that’s a cool thing about this season: every family has their own little traditions (or starting new ones).

dresses for the holidays-work party-office holiday party
Yes, you can rock that white dress even in winter. I love the extra ruffles on this white shirt dress. I added a black beret and black leggings to wrap the outfit together. This dress, I think, is great for those work/office holiday parties where you don’t want to overdress. But this white ruffled dress is great for any occasion! READ MORE

The Menswear-Inspired Shoes || Oversized Checked Blazer & Loafers

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We are well into half of October, and like every month, I have no idea where this month went. I can’t believe we’re half way through it already! Nonetheless, more fall fashion heading your way. (Because after Halloween, it’s all about the holidays and new year).

Today, the menswear-inspired shoe everyone should own, or at least consider owning: the loafers. I seriously love loafers so much. I have 3 YouTube videos dedicated to ways to style loafers: watch here, watch here, and watch here. (Yes, all different loafers in all the videos. Most of them are also thrifted!! Which is a huge plus in my book).

For this look, I went for a minimalistic fall outfit. I started with a pair of black pants and a white tee. Black pants and white tee is a very basic starting point for any outfit mixing. (It looks great on its own too). Then I topped the outfit with an oversized checkered blazer. I love the vintage-vibe and menswear-inspired elements of the blazer. The checkered blazer is printed, but the colors are quite muted so while the blazer is a statement piece, it is not too loud. I finished with a pair of black patent leather loafers (similar here). (The newest pair to my loafer collection).

I’ve also featured loafers on my blog before. So it only makes sense to give you 4 reasons why you should also get a pair of loafers. READ MORE