Places to Dine & Things to eat in New Orleans

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If you missed my Places to visit in New Orleans post, you can read it here. This post is dedicated to places to dine and things to eat in New Orleans. Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you love seafood or enjoy eating seafood, NOLA is definitely worth visiting. But even if you’re not into seafood, it’s still worth visiting. People go there to get cajun food, but even if you’re not into cajun food, there are a lot of non-cajun foods you can try =)

I am not a picky eater and I enjoy trying new foods so I was quite excited to eat. New Orleans has a lot of restaurants both local and chain. It’s not a really big city, but it has a lot of history and culture and I think, as a tourist, that plays a huge part in the kinds of foods you’ll find in NOLA.

Though I was only there for a few days, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and the food I got to try. Here’s my list of places dine and things to eat in New Orleans.


I talked a lot about this area in my last post, read here. So I’m not going to go into depth about it. The French Market/French Quarter area is huge and there are plenty of food vendors you can eat from.


August Popsugar Must Have || Gingham Top & Pointy Slides

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gingham top - back to school - summer outfit - ann taylor petite - popsugar must have

I can’t believe summer is rolling to an end. It’s true. It’s only August but I see leaves turning orange already.
I, however, don’t mind the golden trees. This transitional season period motivates to write. I’ve been MIA with my writing but with me turning a year older and with life happening, I’m slowly getting back into writing. I’m pushing myself to get out of the unmotivated state I’ve been in.
But I guess I needed to feel that. I needed to know where I like to be and where I don’t.
With that said, I’m excited for this new age! And I’m also happy to celebrate it in partnership with Popsugar Must Have.

gingham top - back to school - summer outfit - ann taylor petite - popsugar must have

Popsugar Must Have turns 5 this August (I, on the other hand, turned 26 last month). If you don’t know what Popsugar Must Have is, it is a monthly lifestyle subscription box that brings you a mixture of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products. There are 5-6 items that are typically full-size or deluxe sample sizes. I’ve been a partner of Popsugar for a long time. (You can watch my unboxing’s on my YouTube channel). READ MORE

A New Age || Striped Top & Floral Skirt

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Happy last day of July! I can’t believe we are half way through the year. I also can’t believe I am now officially a year older! I turned 26 and….yeah, I’m now 26. If you’re also 26 (or in your 20’s) here’s a virtual HIGH-FIVE!!! for being the same age.

I’m excited for this new age. I definitely feel older. One thing I’ve learned, about turning 26, is that I am both young and old LOL. Anyone know what I mean? People reminding you how young you are but at the same time how old you’re getting. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for being a full year older and hopeful for the new year to come!

Even as I’m getting older and “wiser” I still find inspiration from my younger self. This striped top (similar here) and floral skirt (similar here) was inspired by the grade-school me. Yup. It’s true. I found an old photo of me (was probably 6 or 7) in a striped top tucked inside a pink and purple floral skirt. (I’m 99.9% sure my mom didn’t dress me either, that’s not particularly her style). I’m also sure I had no clue about mixing print, I probably just liked the colors. Either way, I thought it was still pretty cool.


I enjoy mixing prints. READ MORE