4 Things Post-Grads Should Know

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As a post-grad, I know about the quarter-life crisis. It’s a real thing. As I reflect on my experiences these past few years, I’ve learned some things a long the way and wanted to share 4 things grads should know. May you find them encouraging and helpful. But if you don’t, that’s okay too–just know you’re not alone.


It’s okay to NOT know
Everyone is trying to figure “life” out. Nobody knows the future. It’s okay to feel anxious or afraid of the unknown. Just don’t get hung up on the unknown. Be responsible but be curious too.

It’s okay if you’re not working your dream job
You are (most likely) in your 20’s. If you talk to someone who is currently working his/her dream job most of them have worked multiple jobs prior to their “dream job”. It’s okay if you’re not currently working your dream job. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not a failure. It’s just how things are at this point in time. Plus, your job doesn’t define who you are.

Be Curious
Explore your strengths. Explore your experiences. Explore your hobbies. Did you do a lot of event planning in college? Did you volunteer? Are you an organized person? Do you like public speaking? Ask yourself those questions again. Try different things, learn different things. Hone your skills. In fact, maybe try something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Plus, the more things you try the better you’ll be at learning about what you like and don’t like.

You can excel in multiple areas

I think humans are multidimensional. A ceramic artist can be lawyer, a baseball coach can be a store manager, a hair stylist can be a writer. Often times we think that we are “called” to do one thing and that one thing is our career and that’s what we’ll be doing until we retire. But people change career paths multiple times before they actual retire. While there are some people who just knew what they were born to do, there are others who don’t—and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to use your gifts and excel in many areas.

Thank you for reading. What are some other things you’ve learned (from yourself or someone else) about life or the quarter-life? Let me know =)

And as always, I wish you the best!


Sun Light || White Pants & Patterned Blouse

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I can’t believe that we are more than half-way through May already. Though time always seem to fly by, I’m excited for the warm weather. It’s been quite nice and sunny. How’s the weather where you live?


For this look, I just wanted something simple. I opt for a pair of white pants and didn’t want to add too much color so I finished with a black patterned blouse and black strappy heels. READ MORE

Spring Blues || Striped Top & Blue Skirt

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Happy Wednesday! I hope your May is going well. Even though the weather is not as warm as I wish, the greenery and the sunshine makes me happy =)


Today’s outfit is an all blue monochrome look. I love the pinstripe pattern on the blouse. It adds a bit of pop and texture while complimenting the blue skirt. I also added these silver faux-diamond earrings for extra sparkle. I received them in my Glamour Jewelry Box, and I LOVE how they look! READ MORE

Spade || Delicate Necklace & LBD

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IMG_9339 (2)

Hoping you are doing well! For today’s look I wanted something simple so I opt for a more neutral colored outfit: a little black dress with a sleeveless blazer. I added a delicate necklace for extra sparkle.

IMG_9341 (3)

As much as I love statement necklaces, I prefer a simple delicate necklace for the everyday. I especially like this one from La Maison du Carat. It’s not heavy on the neck, the spade pendant is not too small or too big, and the length is just right. The architecture of the pendant is especially detailed with the Swarovski stone in the center and the inter-weaving of the silver metal to create the spade shape.


And because you’re special, you get 15% OFF READ MORE