25 Things I’ve Learned || Quarter-Life Crisis

Hello Hello,


I thought it’s only appropriate to share with you 25 things I’ve learned since I’m officially 25 today!!

The past few years have been a whirlwind, especially this past year. But I’m excited for what’s to come. When I was young, I used to wonder what I would be like and look like at the age of 25. And here I am, nothing like the person I thought I would be, but someone I’m glad I’ve become.

I also wanted to share some photos from past outfit shoots that never made it to the blog. These photos reflect a part of who I am. I hope you enjoy these photos and this long awaited post.


Now, in no particular order, 25 Things I’ve Learned:

1. Change is not always bad

2. Just start

3. God never fails

4. Seek Inspiration

5. It’s okay to not know


6. Learn to listen

7. Pray often

8. Make time to reflect & meditate

9. Learn something new

10. Make a travel list


11. Read

12. Write down goals/dreams

13. Your job doesn’t define you

14. Plan for the future, Live in the moment

15. Start healthy habits


16. Learn Financial basics

17. Continue to learn

18. Empower and Encourage Others

19. Network

20. Don’t be afraid of success


21. Take Risks

22. Be Compassionate

23. Commit to Something

24. Celebrate every step

25. Choose to forgive


I’m officially a quarter of a century. I’m excited for this new age and for what’s to come. Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey.

Thank you for reading. I hope these also inspire you in some fashion.
As always, I wish you the best.




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