5 Things to Love About Autumn {Knit Sweater & Thigh-high Socks}

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There is something special about autumn. Maybe it’s the golden sun sets, maybe it’s the colorful leaves, maybe it’s the cool crisp weather, maybe it’s the orange pumpkins or red apples, or maybe it’s everything in between.


As a writer, I enjoy being in nature. I love walking through trails. I love sitting and just admiring creation. I get a new sense of energy and inspiration whenever I do those things. (Side note: I’m totally not a huge fan of bugs though). I love the sky, the trees, the ponds and lakes, the bushes, the flowers, the ducks and birds. So, I want to share with you 5 things I love about autumn. And if you don’t already, I hope you’ll learn to admire autumn too.



1.Colorful Trees: I love the red, orange, and yellow leaves. The warm colors make me feel cozy and happy, especially when I’m walking down a nature trail or driving through roads surrounded by trees. I’m in awe of the beautiful colors.

2.Golden Sunset: Even though autumn means the sun sets earlier, I think the autumn sunset is absolutely beautiful. I like to think that the autumn sunset sky is more red and orange (or “golden”) than other sunset skies. I don’t know if the colors of the trees have something to do with my perspective of a more golden sunset, but either way, I love the autumn sunset.

3.Fall Fashion: I love booties, scarves, and sweaters! I also enjoying plaid and layering. And, I’m a sucker for fall fashion colors: dark purples, oranges, mustards, reds, maroons, burgundies, blacks, etc. basically all the darker shades of every color out there.

4.Sound of Fall: Crushed leaves, the scrapping sound of running leaves against the pavements, the clapping of crisp leaves on trees. Yeahp, I just enjoy those leafy sounds—they make me feel at peace. I also think it’s very distinct of Fall. (Trust me, leaves sound different in the spring and summer).

5.Cool Crispy Weather: Alright, even though I do not like the cold, and I get cold very easily, I do enjoy the cooler temperature that Fall offers. Maybe because the cooler weather gives me the excuse to layer up and wear sweaters, or maybe because the cooler weather gives me a reason to order all my favorite hot drinks at coffee shops. Either way, the cooler air makes it easier to breathe and motivates me to run—which are two very good things.

**And just to throw another one out there–Disappearance of Mosquitoes:I know, this is totally not what some of you may be thinking, but this is actually a huge reason to why I love autumn. I can walk through the woods without worrying about getting a mosquito bite—it’s just refreshing and awesome.


Thank you so much for reading. Even if Autumn is not your favorite season, I hope you’ll find something to admire about Fall. And if Autumn IS your season, let me know why!
As always, I wish you the best =)

Knit Sweater: Jessica Simpson (similar here) || Shorts: GU (similar here)
Thigh high socks: Old || Black Booties: H&M (similar here) || Key Necklace: Vintage


“..oh how the seasons of our lives change so quickly..”

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