A Letter to My 13 Year-Old Self || Bridesmaid Dress Series 1

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With wedding season here, I want to share with you my previous bridesmaid dresses. I’ve been blessed to have been a part of 6 weddings, and these 6 couples continue to inspire me in some way (directly or indirectly).

But with this bridesmaid dress series, I won’t necessarily be talking about weddings. I’ll definitely include wedding-related ideas, but I want to also share my growth and life overtime. Hence, This series will include 6 posts where I reflect on my younger years. This will be therapeutic for me, and I hope it inspires you too.

This purple/blue-ish dress was my very first bridesmaid dress ever. I was in middle school when my first cousin got married. I’ve had this dress for over 10 years. I’m surprised this dress still fits! (It didn’t come with the crown, that was a something I just added for this shoot). I think I was actually 12 when she got married, but here’s to my 13 year-old self.


Dear 13 year-old Mai Nou,

You came into your own, and I’m proud of you for that. Something happened between you being 12 and turning 13. I still don’t know what it was, but whatever it was, it made you, you. You were shy and quiet, reserved and closed. But then you blossomed into someone who wasn’t shy and enjoyed the company of others. You were outgoing. You gave me my laughter. You were always so happy, and I love you for being that happy person.

You weren’t perfect, but you already knew that. Though you were always genuinely happy, there were moments when you were sad. You kept them to yourself because you weren’t sure if people would understand. I don’t blame you. But it wasn’t people’s understanding you wanted, but rather, you wanted people to care. You thought that maybe if they understood that they will somehow change to show that they care. So you never felt the need to explain because you felt like people wouldn’t understand anyway. And you are right. People may not understand. Even if they did, they may not care.

But I wish…I wish perhaps you would’ve been more honest and more open about expressing your sadness or just your feelings. That it’s okay to open up to people. It’s okay to form deeper friendships with other people. But I can’t blame you for my, now, inability to express myself. You were young.

Regardless, I should also thank you. Thank you for knowing that you didn’t need a boyfriend, especially at that age. You witnessed the pain, the heartache, the heartbreaks and knew you didn’t want that at 13. Though that fear of being hurt will later affect your life, I appreciate you setting yourself apart. Plus, you weren’t planning to get married young so you knew there would be no purpose in dating at that age anyway. Thank you for standing your ground even though people were dating around you.

Thank you for reserving makeup for special occasions only. You knew you weren’t gorgeous, but you also knew you didn’t need makeup. Thank you for that confidence.

Thank you for learning the guitar. You were the start of my short-lived music career. You pushed me to lead, to perform, to act. All things that I continue to enjoy doing. I don’t play the guitar anyone. I don’t even sing anymore (at least not on a stage). But your curiosity to learn and determination still inspires me today.

Thank you for your easily intrigued mind, and thank you for always wanting to do things and meet new people. Thank you for your energy. I must confess, I lack that nowadays. Doing things take so much mental preparedness from me now. Something that came so naturally to you.

Thank you for doing well in school. Thank you making smart choices. Thank you for planting the seed of my weirdness.

Thank you for taking your time with your personal style. You didn’t really like wearing skirts or dresses. You wore them on special occasions, and you had nothing against them. They just weren’t pieces you wore everyday or felt like they expressed who you were at the time. You were the start of my jeans, ties, & converse punk phase. People kept telling you that you needed to dress better, wear skirts, wear this, wear that, but you took your time and I appreciate you for that.

But if I could go back and just tell you some things, these would be my words to you. Your energetic and bold, but be more gracious with your bluntness.

All in all, thank you for making me who I am today.

Always, your 25 year-old self.

P.S. People still think I’m 13 so don’t worry about looking old. I know you were always curious about how different you would look at 25, well, I’m here to say…you’ll definitely have skin discoloration, some pores, a few wrinkles, but for the most part…you’ll still be mistaken for a teen.


And that is my letter to my 13 year-old self. I definitely have more thanks than lessons, but I’m sure that’ll change as I proceed to my teenage years. Oh those teenage years.

But letters aside, I want to share with you a few of my favorite purple and blue bridesmaid dress from Asos’ wedding collection: (Click photo for details)















To close this bridesmaid dress series, here is one rule I live by as a bridesmaid: Just say yes to your dress.
Every bride is different and every wedding is different. If you get to choose your own dress or color or both, that’s awesome! If you don’t, that’s okay. Just remember that this is the bride’s day. Just say yes to the dress she chose and move on to your next bridesmaid duties. Keep it fun and light. Don’t be that person that adds stress to everyone else.

There you have it! A letter & bridesmaid tips. What else could be better?! (Hint: cake is always better) All silliness aside, let me know what is something you would tell your younger self or an up-and-coming bridesmaid! I love reading your comments so let me know below!!

Thank you for reading. And as always, I wish you the best =)

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  1. I’ve actually never been a bridesmaid in any weddings and probably never will.

    That bluish dress in the pictures is absolutely gorgeous though! I am truly in love with that color!

  2. What a lovely post. It’s amazing how we can reflect back on our life.

    P.S. You looked amazing in your bridesmaid dress.

    Her Hive

  3. This is too cute, I actually enjoyed reading from the beginning ’til end. And I will be back for the next series. The dress looks pretty, how amazing you still fit into it. Love the addition of the crown too. Really nice post, keep it up!


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