A New Age || Striped Top & Floral Skirt

Hello Hello,

Happy last day of July! I can’t believe we are half way through the year. I also can’t believe I am now officially a year older! I turned 26 and….yeah, I’m now 26. If you’re also 26 (or in your 20’s) here’s a virtual HIGH-FIVE!!! for being the same age.

I’m excited for this new age. I definitely feel older. One thing I’ve learned, about turning 26, is that I am both young and old LOL. Anyone know what I mean? People reminding you how young you are but at the same time how old you’re getting. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for being a full year older and hopeful for the new year to come!

Even as I’m getting older and “wiser” I still find inspiration from my younger self. This striped top (similar here) and floral skirt (similar here) was inspired by the grade-school me. Yup. It’s true. I found an old photo of me (was probably 6 or 7) in a striped top tucked inside a pink and purple floral skirt. (I’m 99.9% sure my mom didn’t dress me either, that’s not particularly her style). I’m also sure I had no clue about mixing print, I probably just liked the colors. Either way, I thought it was still pretty cool.


I enjoy mixing prints. Stripes and floral is probably one of my favorite print combinations. Mostly because I don’t think stripes & floral will go out of style. Plus, a striped top (also similar here & here) is a classic piece in my closet. Do you have a favorite print combination you like? Let me know in comments =)




Thank you for reading! I’m hoping the rest of this year will be filled with more awesomeness =)
And as always, I wish you the best!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Striped Top: H&M (similar here) || Floral Skirt: Lush (similar here) || Red Heels: Thrifted (similar here) || Sunglasses: Old (similar here)

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Mainou! How cute that your little self also liked this combo! 😛 I think stripes go well with everything but I normally try not to overdo it and keep the rest of the outfit quite simple

    Happy Sunday, girl

    Saida | She talks Glam

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