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Disney Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princess animated films. I have re-watched the animated film multiple times. I can still re-watched it multiple times. I enjoy watching a lot of other animated films too so don’t get me wrong.

I recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast live-action film featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, and I loved the it! No spoilers, but the live-action film, while it follows the animated version quite well, features more thorough scenes and backstories that tie the entire story together really well. I also think the actors and actresses did a great job. I also think Beauty and the Beast has a wonderful cast. (Plus, I am a fan of Emma Watson, I mean who isn’t, right?) If you are wondering “should I go watch Beauty and the Beast the live-action film”, you definitely should!

This outfit is inspired by the scene where Belle performs her song “Belle/Little Town,” and she walks through the the market. Emma Watson’s Belle has a more down-to-earth vibe compare to the animated Belle. However, I like both version of Belle and of the film. This look is the simple blue and white, similar to the animated film, but I went with brown loafers instead of flats to incorporate a little bit of the live-action Belle.

This Belle-inspired outfit, however, is also inspired by Emma Watson’s stance on sustainable fashion. While I’m not perfect in consuming only sustainable fashion, I’ve started by decreasing my consumption of clothes in general. I also don’t have a large budget for fashion, but I know I can start by doing simple things. This is an affordable outfit that reminds me change can start small. This white blouse is actually a hand-me-down from my sister. It’s still has many life years left, plus is a closet staple which means it will never be going out of style. This dress is from a fair-trade brand called Liz Alig. It’s no longer in stock, but it’s made from recycled flour sacks sourced from local markets in Ghana, Africa, and it has unique recycled button closures on the side and on the back of the dress! You can read more about Liz Alig here. Lastly, the shoes were thrifted. Second-hand stores are great places to start in terms of sustainable fashion. Plus, you can always repurpose what you buy!

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I hope you enjoy this video. There are three outfits inspired by Belle and the overall story. These are also three spring outfit ideas to inspire your spring wardrobe. Plus, if you really want to, the yellow dress is a great option to wear to prom! Whether you are looking for a date-night outfit or what to wear to prom, these outfits can definitely spark an idea!

Thank you for reading. If you’ve seen the new Disney Beauty and the Beast live-action film featuring Emma Watson, let me know your thoughts.
And as always, I wish you the best =)

White Button-down Blouse: Forever21 (similar) || Blue Dress: Liz Alig (similar) || Loafers: Thrifted (similar)

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  1. What a cute outfit Mainou, I can totally see Bella in these pics ♥ I love the little buttons at the back and the location is spot on. Thanks for sharing also this new fair-trade brand, I am guilty of fast fashion as well but keen on thrift stores and new brands that can make a difference.

    Happy week, lovely

    Saida | She talks Glam

  2. Oooh yes I’ve heard many great things about the live action Beauty and the Beast actually. Your outfit looks like Belle. You definitely could wear this as a Halloween costume as well. 🙂


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