Beauty and the Beast || Little Town/Provincial Life

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Disney Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princess animated films. I have re-watched the animated film multiple times. I can still re-watched it multiple times. I enjoy watching a lot of other animated films too so don’t get me wrong.

I recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast live-action film featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, and I loved the it! No spoilers, but the live-action film, while it follows the animated version quite well, features more thorough scenes and backstories that tie the entire story together really well. I also think the actors and actresses did a great job. I also think Beauty and the Beast has a wonderful cast. (Plus, I am a fan of Emma Watson, I mean who isn’t, right?) If you are wondering “should I go watch Beauty and the Beast the live-action film”, you definitely should!

This outfit is inspired by the scene where Belle performs her song “Belle/Little Town,” and she walks through the the market. Emma Watson’s Belle READ MORE

Black & Blue || Sweater & Turtleneck

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looks by mc-new year winter outfit

It’s January. Well, 9 days into January. Like I mentioned in my previous post, this new year I am not making new year resolutions. I only have roll-over goals: things I want to keep going and improving on. I’m excited for this year though! A lot more excited than I was for last year. Though the days have been cold, January didn’t start off too shabby. I’ve already done something I’ve never done before. Plus, I know spring is coming. (The sun has been setting later than in December).

looks by mc-black and blue winter outfit

To embrace this cold January, I thought it’ll be appropriate to pair up black and blue. I especially love this chunky blue sweater (similar here). It helps to bring a pop of color into a rather simple and dark look. I layered a black turtleneck underneath, then finished with black pants and booties (similar here). READ MORE

Fall Classics || White Button-Up & Batik Skirt

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I love a white button-up top. I think it’s definitely a classic and a staple and an essential. Even though a white blouse is a year-round piece, it’s also a part of my fall classics.


I went with this batik skirt to keep the color minimal. I made this skirt and you can learn here! (It’s very simple, I promise). I finished with a pair of black heels and a statement necklace.

I also want to share with you 4 additional fall fashion pieces that are classics for me: READ MORE

Autumn Flight of the Butterfly {Black Maxi & White Blouse}

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A butterfly migration. The flight of the butterfly. I’m sure many of us know that various types of butterflies migrate south during this beautiful season of the year. I love watching butterflies–they’re just amazing.

But a butterfly, without even recognizing it, represents or symbolizes something more than itself. To some the butterfly means grace and beauty, to others change and strength, and while to some the butterfly helps to explain certain theories. Many clothes, shoes, and accessories have also implemented butterfly designs and prints. Whatever the butterfly may or may not mean to you, I think they’re beautiful creatures.


This statement necklace has a butterfly on it. I admire the intricate designs on the butterflies and the layout of the necklace. I wanted a simple outfit to go with the necklace so I decided on a white blouse and a black maxi skirt. I added the scarf as an extra accessory to combat the breeze (it wasn’t that cold, just breezy). READ MORE