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I was walking through a local thrift store when I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love. The book was on my to-read list for a while so for $1.75 I bought it.

After reading the book, I became an instant fan—of the story, of the writing, of Elizabeth Gilbert. Fast forward a few years and I found myself watching Marie Forleo’s interview video with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity. (By the way, Marie has a phenomenal YouTube channel).

From that video, I found she released her new book Big Magic. I couldn’t get my hands on the book right away, so I went to her podcast and listened to her talk to people about their creativity and their life. I instantly felt an aura of enlightenment—everything (or a lot of things) Elizabeth talked about or advised to these people were the words I needed or the words I’ve been seeking to use (to explain my creative process/thinking to others).

Long and behold, after a few months of following the book launch and Gilbert on social media—I finally got my hands on the actual book.

Big Magic is a “self-help” book where Gilbert talks about creativity through stories and illustrations. However, it is not a step-by-step type of self-help book. It’s more conversational.
I flipped through the pages and I can hear Elizabeth simply talking to me—it’s that kind of self-help book. It’s not condemning you (as someone who creates). It’s about grasping the idea of inspiration and creativity.

One thing I love about the book is the illustrations of inspiration. The one I personally love is Ruth Stone’s story about how “…she would sometimes hear a poem coming toward her—hear it rushing across the landscape at her, like a galloping horse.” She goes on explaining how sometimes it’s more like pulling a tiger’s tail. READ MORE

Future of Fashion || British Vogue w/ Alexa Chung

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Last year as I was scrolling through YouTube, I ran across a suggested video from British Vogue’s YouTube channel. It was the Emma Watson: Fashion on Gender Equality video. After watching it, I was linked to a different video featuring Alexa Chung.

Little did I know the decision to click on that next video would lead me to watch a fashion series filled with information and eventually subscribing to British Vogue.

The first Future of Fashion series starts in UK. Alexa interviews different individuals working in the fashion industry. I was immediately drawn to the series because the information was relevant, the videos weren’t extensively long, and Alexa had a fun personality.

The people being interviewed were honest and informative which I found helpful. While each episode couldn’t cover the entirety of a specific topic–it still covered a lot of grounds.

Alexa didn’t interview just fashion designers but people from a variety of disciplines–PR agents to fashion magazine editors to bloggers to fashion buyers and lawyers. I think British Vogue did a good job at covering different aspects of the fashion industry. I hope they continue the series because there’s still a lot more grounds to cover.

I was a bit disappointed when the first series ended, but immediately became overjoyed when they made the announcement to series (or season) 2 which took place in New York. (I love New York–definitely want to go back and visit).

This fashion series is one of my favorites on YouTube. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go into fashion or just wants to know more about the fashion industry. Even if you’re not interested in fashion it’s still an informative series worth watching, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs or recent grads.

One thing the series portrayed or made prevalent was the change that was made, being made, and will be made in the fashion industry. Our fast-paced, digital, and social media culture has created new opportunities and jobs–you don’t have to be a fashion designer to work in fashion.

Either way, I genuinely enjoy this series and have been since day one. I’m not getting paid to write this post; I just really like the series and want to share it with you. (Yes, I have watched all the episodes–more than once).

Anywho, I have a couple episodes from the series attached, but I suggest watching the entire thing. (It’s not that long). While you’re at it, make sure to watch the Emma Watson video too. If you’ve read my Let Girls Learn post, you already know I admire Emma Watson (and a lot of other inspiring women too).

Have you watched the Future of Fashion series? Are there other fashion series you enjoy watching? Let me know =)

Thank you for reading.
As always, I wish you the best.