5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves || Button Skirt & Striped Top

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Fall is now officially just a few days away! Are you ready?!


While we, as human beings, cannot completely predict the weather, we can look back on previous fall seasons and make predictions of what this fall season could be like.

With that said, I am sharing with you 5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves. These fall fashion pieces are pieces that I’ve repeatedly worn or I’ve recently added to my fall fashion wardrobe.

But first, let me share this outfit with you. When I think fall, I think of all the different hues of brown, orange, yellow, and red. Which is why I went with this faux-suede button skirt (similar here and here). I opt for a striped top just to give the outfit a splash of pattern. I topped off the outfit with a black sleeveless blazer (similar here and here). I finished with a pair of ankle-strapped heels. A simple summer to fall transitional outfit.

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Alright, here are my 5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves: READ MORE

5 Places to Wear a Little Black Dress || Ann Taylor Dress & Nude Heels

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Do you ever run into one of those “I don’t know what to wear” situations? I know I do. On one too many occasions.
While I don’t mind shopping for an entire new outfit, I also believe in versatility and re-wearing things already in my closet.

One of my key essential fashion piece for my wardrobe is a little black dress. I think that a black dress can be worn for a variety of occasions. All of you have to do is change up your accessories and shoes to make it match the event accordingly. When in doubt, wear black.

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This is not to say you shouldn’t wear color. You should definitely invest in colored clothing pieces. But a little black dress will take you a long way. READ MORE

Why you shouldn’t avoid the Kids Section || Grey tee & Maxi Skirt

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Do you ever walk out of a store feel mighty fine. Then come back the next day only to realize you could’ve gotten a better deal on a shirt or a skirt? I know I have.

I don’t shop often so when I do, I try to hit all my favorite shopping areas and all the different departments and clothing sections.


When it comes to shopping in different sections or departments, I don’t discriminate. The men section always have cool tshirts, the boys section has nice thick sweaters. The women section has great work wear or business casual wear. The young women/teen girls section has nice trendy pieces. The little girls section has great skirts & dresses for a fraction of the price.

However, there are times when I don’t have the time to sort through all the different sections of a store. After going through the women and young women sections, there is one section I always make sure I hit before I head out the door.

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Can you guess which section it is? READ MORE

2 Things I Learned Entering My 20’s || Bridesmaid Dress pt 3

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This is part 3 of my Bridesmaid dress series where I showcase my bridesmaid dresses I’ve worn for weddings and reflect on my younger self. If you missed my part 1 (read here) and/or part 2 (read here). This series has been nostalgic for me, and hearing your feedback has been lovely.
For this third part, I will be reflecting on what it was like entering my 20’s. (Part 1 was a letter to my 13 year-old self, part 2 was what I would tell my 18 year-old self).

This pink mermaid dress I wore for my older sister’s wedding. I’m pretty sure this is the first and the only mermaid dress I have in my closet. It’s also the most different from all my other bridesmaid dresses. It’s still a beautiful dress nonetheless. I will also include a bridesmaid tip & some pink dresses at the end.

Enter my 20’s: READ MORE

Where did summer go || Striped Button-Up & Red Pleated Skirt

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I can’t believe we are breathing in the last few breaths of summer. Though summer doesn’t officially end until mid September, I see leaves slowly turning orange and feel the cool evenings trickling in. As a way to celebrate these last couple weeks, here is a summer outfit to share with you. I’ve been really into stripes lately.

This blue and white striped button-up is actually from the Kid’s section at Target! (BTW I’m a size L 10/12 in Kid’s) I loved the unique line design–how they’re going in different directions. To bring a pop of color, I paired the striped button-up with this red pleated skirt. I love pleated skirts in general (in any length). I think there’s something flattering about the way pleated skirts flow.

With the seasons changing, I can’t help but reflect on this past season. What did I do? How did I improve or change? Did I reach my goals? READ MORE

Finding Inspiration || Striped Top & Denim Overall Dress

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As August draws near a close, I can’t help but think about Autumn. I love summer, but I love Fall too (read my Things to love about Autumn post here). Thinking about the seasons changing, and seeing change, is one thing that keeps me inspired. Feeling inspired keeps me motivated.

Someone once asked me where I find inspiration. My answer was something along the lines of “everything.” Which is true and still true today. However, there are days or periods of my life when I don’t feel inspired. I do things just to do things but there’s nothing awe-ing from within, no sense of purpose or joy, no energy. It’s during those moments when I physically push myself to go and find inspiration. I want to share a few of those ways with you today.

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A few things I do when I need to feel inspired: READ MORE