Bell Sleeve Dress || Slowing down time

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Have you ever gotten lost scrolling through facebook, or instagram, or watching an entire season of a TV show? I know I have. The other day I found myself scrolling through Instagram, and when I finally looked at the time, I realized an hour had already passed. (Now, I’m not saying that having down time and catching up on social or shows is bad. I do it all the time). However, I did find myself asking how I can use my time more wisely.

I’ve been listening and watching a lot of motivational/inspirational speakers. Now wish I knew what I know now at the age of 20 or 18. It’s interesting how when I was younger, I felt like I had all the time in the world, I felt like I couldn’t wait to get older to do things. Now that I’m older, I feel like I have to hustle. I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day. I’m wishing I can slow down time. Do you guys feel this way too? Let me know in the comments!

For me, the challenge is trying to find the balance between soaking in a moment and hustling through projects.

Aside from wishing I can slow down time, I love this bell sleeve dress from the Who What Wear Collection for Target. READ MORE

Hopping into Warmer Weather || Victoria Beckham Pink Dress

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Can you believe we are half way through May already? I feel like April literally just ended yesterday. Though May is speeding by, I am excited for the warmer weather ahead.

To start this mid-month off, I am wearing this pink dress from the Victoria Beckham X Target collection. Have you seen the Victoria Beckham for Target collection yet? Her collection is now on sale at Target, so definitely check it out before the pieces are sold out. (I do think the collection runs big. I wear an XS in the normal Target brand (Merona & Mossimo). So if you can try it on before purchasing, I would recommend that).

What drew me to this pink dress was the bunny on the collar. I think that is a super cute and unique detail. It helps to set this shift dress apart. (This dress also comes in black. Both pink and black colors are also available in Girl sizes).READ MORE

Not May the fourth | Hmong-Inspired Skirt

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I can’t believe May is here and we’re near half-way through 2017 already! That only means the hustling will have to move faster. (Also, I named this post not May the fourth because it’s no longer May the fourth. This post has nothing to do with Star Wars).

I’ve been the midst of starting a few projects, and I want to share one of them with you today. I am starting a fashion blogging series here on Looks by MC. I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding fashion blogging and blogging in general. Which led me to start this new series so I can also share some personal tips with you. My ultimate goal is to inspire others.


Wedding Bells | Wedding Guest Outfit

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T’is wedding season! Okay, every season is technically wedding season, but spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings. Every wedding is different and while what a guest wears is not the important part of the wedding, as a guest, it’s still takes time to figure out what to wear. Especially when it comes to what is appropriate and not appropriate.

This is a wedding guest outfit I wore to a recent wedding I attended. I didn’t buy a new skirt or dress, instead I opt for a mix-and-match.READ MORE