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Big Magic || Creative Living Beyond Fear

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I was walking through a local thrift store when I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love. The book was on my to-read list for a while so for $1.75 I bought it.

After reading the book, I became an instant fan—of the story, of the writing, of Elizabeth Gilbert. Fast forward a few years and I found myself watching Marie Forleo’s interview video with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity. (By the way, Marie has a phenomenal YouTube channel).

From that video, I found she released her new book Big Magic. I couldn’t get my hands on the book right away, so I went to her podcast and listened to her talk to people about their creativity and their life. I instantly felt an aura of enlightenment—everything (or a lot of things) Elizabeth talked about or advised to these people were the words I needed or the words I’ve been seeking to use (to explain my creative process/thinking to others).

Long and behold, after a few months of following the book launch and Gilbert on social media—I finally got my hands on the actual book.

Big Magic is a “self-help” book where Gilbert talks about creativity through stories and illustrations. However, it is not a step-by-step type of self-help book. It’s more conversational.
I flipped through the pages and I can hear Elizabeth simply talking to me—it’s that kind of self-help book. It’s not condemning you (as someone who creates). It’s about grasping the idea of inspiration and creativity.

One thing I love about the book is the illustrations of inspiration. The one I personally love is Ruth Stone’s story about how “…she would sometimes hear a poem coming toward her—hear it rushing across the landscape at her, like a galloping horse.” She goes on explaining how sometimes it’s more like pulling a tiger’s tail. READ MORE

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Long Distance Relationships || 3 Advice

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March marked our 4th year dating anniversary (My boyfriend and I). All of those years were long distance, always 1-3 states apart. I will confess that long distance is not easy, but no relationship is easy. Long distance is not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth it.
To some people, we may not have been together for that long, but to many we’ve been together for so long. Whichever way you may choose to look at our relationship, our relationship has definitely grown. We’re not perfect and our relationship is not perfect, but I want to share 3 things that I find important in our relationship.


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Staying Motivated || Monochrome Portraits

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Here’s the long awaited post about staying motivated. People often say the most difficult step is starting something. Which is true in many cases. But I think it’s the journey that is the most challenging.
For me, I get unmotivated. The little things become tedious, and I begin to lose sight of my main goal(s). However, in the midst of my uninspired moments, I found 3 things that have helped me stay disciplined and motivated. I hope you find them helpful too:



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Keeping Goals & Resolutions || Monochrome Outfit

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Now that we are more than half way through January I thought it only appropriate to share 3 ways keeping goals and/or resolutions. I have practiced these things; I’m still practicing them today–and I find them helpful and effective. I hope you also find them helpful!



I always ALWAYS write down my goals. I find that this not only affirms my goals, but the act of writing them down makes it more real. By writing them down, I also get to see my goals and be reminded of what my goals are. After writing down my goals, I place them somewhere I can see them. I usually put them in more than one place–but I definitely recommend putting them somewhere you will look everyday–on a wall, on a desk, in a planner, or even in a phone.


Having a goal or a resolution is great. However, it’s the small steps you take that are vital into actually achieving that goal. After I write down a goal, I go straight into breaking it into steps on how I’m going to achieve that goal.READ MORE