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4 Important Daily Reminders

4 Important Things to Remind Yourself

I am grateful, but I do get discouraged. When I feel like a failure, these are 4 things I remind myself. I guess these reminders help affirm that life is not perfect and it’s okay.

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No one is perfect: Yes, no one is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Humans are not perfect. Someone will have different gifts and talents than you but that doesn’t make them perfect. You will have different gifts and talents than others too. And that’s completely okay. READ MORE

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Big Magic || Creative Living Beyond Fear

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I was walking through a local thrift store when I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love. The book was on my to-read list for a while so for $1.75 I bought it.

After reading the book, I became an instant fan—of the story, of the writing, of Elizabeth Gilbert. Fast forward a few years and I found myself watching Marie Forleo’s interview video with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity. (By the way, Marie has a phenomenal YouTube channel).

From that video, I found she released her new book Big Magic. I couldn’t get my hands on the book right away, so I went to her podcast and listened to her talk to people about their creativity and their life. I instantly felt an aura of enlightenment—everything (or a lot of things) Elizabeth talked about or advised to these people were the words I needed or the words I’ve been seeking to use (to explain my creative process/thinking to others).

Long and behold, after a few months of following the book launch and Gilbert on social media—I finally got my hands on the actual book.

Big Magic is a “self-help” book where Gilbert talks about creativity through stories and illustrations. However, it is not a step-by-step type of self-help book. It’s more conversational.
I flipped through the pages and I can hear Elizabeth simply talking to me—it’s that kind of self-help book. It’s not condemning you (as someone who creates). It’s about grasping the idea of inspiration and creativity.

One thing I love about the book is the illustrations of inspiration. The one I personally love is Ruth Stone’s story about how “…she would sometimes hear a poem coming toward her—hear it rushing across the landscape at her, like a galloping horse.” She goes on explaining how sometimes it’s more like pulling a tiger’s tail. READ MORE

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Staying Motivated || Monochrome Portraits

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Here’s the long awaited post about staying motivated. People often say the most difficult step is starting something. Which is true in many cases. But I think it’s the journey that is the most challenging.
For me, I get unmotivated. The little things become tedious, and I begin to lose sight of my main goal(s). However, in the midst of my uninspired moments, I found 3 things that have helped me stay disciplined and motivated. I hope you find them helpful too:



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5 Lessons From 2015

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2015 has come to an end, and 2016 has begun. I’ve spent the last few days reflecting back on this past year. I can definitely say it was a year of challenges, failures, and successes. I feel like I’ve grown as a person in ways I can’t even explain.

I’ve also learned a lot about life and about myself. With that said, I want to share 5 lessons from my experiences in 2015. I will continue to apply these to my life; I also hope these will inspire you.

Praying has always been a part of my life but last year it became a huge part of my everyday routine. I started my morning with prayer. There were days when my prayer were full of thanks and praise, then there were days when my prayers were full of questions and sorrow. But through it all, God revealed his faithfulness and reminded me of His grace. Through prayer, I learned to be in moment and to trust in God. Through prayer, I also learned to listen and meditate–which has helped me tremendously emotionally and mentally. Even if praying may not be your cup of tea, I highly recommend meditation.

This doesn’t mean disregard people’s opinions or critiques. If there is a person who genuinely cares and supports you, then listen. But to me, believing in my decisions mean I won’t blame anyone, but myself, if I fail. It also means that I trust myself, and what I decide will be the best decision. I learned to stand on my own two feet and trust in my decisions. There are people who just likes to talk (and don’t have my best interest in their minds), and their opinions shouldn’t discourage me from making decisions that will help me reach my goals.

Often times I find myself questioning my worth and my abilities. At those moments, I also find the courage to tell myself that I am worth it and my abilities can always be strengthened. Of course, I can’t ignore people who wants to see me fail so I learn to ignore their unsolicited opinions and/or use them to motivate me to do better. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if the opinions are not from a genuine place then I don’t think those opinions or people should acquire too much of my time. With that said, I aspire to be someone who inspires and encourages, and I hope you do too.

Last year I started my grateful journey and that has influenced me to be more positive and more optimistic. I also complained less which benefits everyone. Being positive also meant having a positive attitude. To me, that meant looking at my life as half full and not half empty, having a can-do attitude, and being present. I challenge you to find ways to be more positive or to be more optimistic.

People always say don’t be afraid to fail, but for the longest time I was actually afraid of success. Why? Because I wasn’t sure how success was going to effect me as a person. But last year, after much prayer and meditation, I realized how foolish that was. My fear was limiting me from inspiring people and using my gifts. My fear was stopping me from allowing God to use me. Whatever success means to you, don’t be afraid of reaching for it. Just remember where you came from and remember to give back. With that said, don’t be afraid of failure too.


And those are my 5 lessons from 2015. These are obviously not all of them, but these have played a huge role in the recent changes to my life. Come back next week for my new year resolutions/goals!! Also, let me know what are some things you have learned and/or look forward to this coming year =)

Thank you for reading.
As always, I wish you the best =)