Chasing Fog ||


My pink cardigan swept across the grass as I crouched down to capture the fog. I took a few photos before getting up–the fog was moving. It was floating away, traveling through sand and parking lots.

The weather wasn’t warm, my fingers were going numb but my determination kept me going. So–I ran. I ran until I felt close enough, close enough to see the fog settling on the lake front.

I snapped more photos. I spent the next hour chasing and snapping.



Light the Moment {White Button Up & Black Loafers}

Hello Hello


One of my favorite things about waking up in the morning is the sun light gleaming through my white bedroom curtains. I don’t know why, but I just love waking up to the sun. There’s something calming, peaceful, beautiful, and reassuring about seeing the sun. Plus, my room is white so I love when my room is lit up by natural light.

While I do love waking up to the sunrise, I also love love watching the sunset. I love the orange sky. I love the radiating red that infuses with the blue sky. I enjoy chasing the long shadows of buildings and trees. For this look, I wanted to capture that evening sun and the long evening shadows.


I like the classic and minimalistic elements of this outfit. While I like bold and colorful things, I find myself reaching for my basics. I love that this white button up shirt has sheer sleeves (the reason why I bought this shirt). I think the sheer sleeves are a very unique twist to the top. I went with skinny jeans for a casual touch. I decided to go with the black loafers because they add a grandma-chic element that I personally really like. (I have this obsession with loafers–I want all colors and types!). I added the scarf to compliment the colors of the shoes, and I think it helps to exemplify the tassels on the shoes =). I also think it’s a subtle touch that ties the outfit together.

This outfit reflects a part of me. I love trying new things, but I’m not going to wear something just because it’s trendy. I enjoy mix and matching and challenging my creativity in making the most of my wardrobe. In my latest post, I wrote about how my style has changed over the years. My style has become a way of expressing myself. I think it’s important to show the world your unique you READ MORE

The Ombre Guitar {Plaid Shirt & Red Beanie}

Hello Hello

This in-between-winter-and-spring season makes me want to wear autumn colors. I love spring, and I’m excited for bright colors and flowers to bloom everywhere—I guess I’m just not quite in the mood for all that brightness considering the weather has been so dull. Nonetheless, I went with my mustard pants, a white tee, and my boyfriend’s plaid shirt. I like the simplicity of this outfit, it’s also very comfortable. This day was also quite chilly so at my surprise, this outfit actually kept me warm.

Warmth—something I seem to never get enough of. I struggle for warmth because I’m always cold. But warmth is more than just not feeling cold, warmth is also the feelings of comfort and nostalgia—for me that’s the sound of a guitar playing.