Spring Outfits

Where Winter Was || Button Skirt & Turtleneck

Hello Hello,

looks by mc, button skirt

Most days I can’t get my hair together (as you can see from the photos). Even so, I’m excited about an upcoming project that I am starting. Yes, it has to do with writing right here and now. Being a writer, I read, I find stories, I create. I can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, January is already soaring by. I can’t believe we’re already into the last full week of January!

looks by mc, skirt, turtleneck This past weekend was in the 50’s. I know colder days are coming (February is always cold), so I took advantage of the warm weather. This outfit is simple. I went with a striped turtleneck for extra coverage and warmth, the stripes add an extra “pop” to a rather minimal look. READ MORE

Spring Outfits

Spring Forward {Floral Spring Dress & Tribal Clutch}


Spring is upon us and I am beyond excited. This winter had been cold and brisky and the incoming warm weather is just awesome. When I think of warm weather I think yellow. Yellow is a color that definitely brightens up my day or brightens up an outfit–especially a banana yellow, bright yellow, or even neon yellow. For this look I went with this floral spring dress that has a blue-ish/purple floral print on it. I love how the florals have a grey accent making the dress easy to work with.


Spring Outfits

A PART OF ME {Tribal Skirt & Hmong Necklace}



Here’s a modern take inspired by the Hmong traditional outfit. I love the tribal skirt patterns. I went with a white turtleneck to combat the cold, but added this hmong statement necklace for a Hmong accent.
The black blazer and tights help to balance the color. For an extra pop of color and to play with the red colors on the skirt, I finished with wine heels.