Beauty and the Beast || Belle’s Yellow Dress

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This is the second post to my Beauty and the Beast trilogy. If you haven’t seen my previous post about Belle’s Little Town (or Belle’s Provincial Life) you can see it here. This outfit is inspired by Belle’s yellow dress. In fact, this outfit is from the Beauty and the Beast collection at Target.

I won’t be talking about my adoration for the Beauty and the Beast film (both animated and live-action) since I did talk about it here. But I will be sharing a few of my favorite Beauty and the Beast Belle inspired dresses. I know Prom is coming, weddings are coming up, spring dances, graduation parties, and the list goes on. Whether you are attending a very formal dance or a casual wedding, you can still channel your inner Belle. Plus, if there is an event that is Beauty and the Beast themed, this would be perfect!


Raw Hem Jeans or Fringe Hem Jeans? || Spring is Here

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Are you a fan of the fringe-hem jeans? Or do you call it the raw-hem jeans? Maybe the frayed-hem jeans? Whichever way you call your seamless jeans, while they may not have the clean-cut-hem look of a normal pair of jeans, they do pair well with different clothing pieces to create that chic outfit. (Here are a few of my fringe-hem jeans faves: this one & this one).

Here, I’m sharing with you one way to style raw-hem jeans.READ MORE

Be Our Guest || Wedding Style Guides

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I enjoy attending weddings. Even as a wedding guest, I sometimes still struggle with what to wear. When I’m really out of ideas, I always opt for the little black dress. This look is a classic. When in doubt, wear a black dress. Seriously though. Add some jewelry and you are good to go! But over the years, dressing up has gotten easier and simpler.

Eventually I’ve narrowed it down to some wedding style guides or tips that has helped me to be wedding-ready by the time the day comes. And I want to share them with you! READ MORE

9 Ways to Style Loafers || Spring Outfit Ideas

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I love loafers. I’ve been on a loafer craze for some time now, so I thought it is only appropriate to share with you (or remind you) some outfits or ways to style loafers. You can click on the photo to go directly to the blog post. Otherwise, here are a few looks for inspiration and a short video for extra spring outfit ideas!! =)


granny-chic-wearing-loafersREAD MORE

5 Tips on How to Layer for Fall


Autumn is a beautiful season. Even though I feel like talking about Fall’s beauty can make the season sound superficial, I still enjoy talking about it. To me, Autumn really is beautiful–the colorful leaves, the crisp cool breeze, the dark orange sunset kisses, the songs of crinkled leaves, the smell of spices, the different fall styles, and my list goes on. I love Fall because it embodies both happiness and sadness. Okay. Enough whimsical things about Autumn, cause we all know I can probably write an entire novel about it, here are my 5 tips on how to layer for Fall. READ MORE