Thanksgiving Outfits || Spirit of Gratitude

Hello Hello,

In light of Thanksgiving, I want to share with you my two latest videos.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving outfit inspirations, look no further! Here are 3 thanksgiving outfits to inspire you. And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, these are great everyday fall outfits too =)

I also did the Gratitude Challenge/Tag. I challenge you to as well. Even if you don’t end up filming it, or writing it down, it’s a good reflective challenge to do.

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Otherwise, have a great week =)
And as always, I wish you the best.

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Wedding Plans & YouTube Round-Up

Hello Hello,

No, I’m not getting married. Wedding plans for my sister’s wedding that is. So I’ll be on haitus for a while. However, that’s not the huge thing. I guess both things aren’t that huge but together they’re HUGE. I am also moving out of my current living space, hence the slow-down on blog posts.

These two things are eating up a lot of my time. So I thought I’d let you in on a YouTube Round-Up! In case you didn’t know, I also make YouTube videos!! I do beauty reviews, fashion lookbooks, diy’s, and sometimes random things.


Simply Be || White Button Up & Shorts

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I love summer. Mainly because my birthday is in summer. As my birthday is approaching and I’m aware that I’ll be another year older, I’m learning to simply be–be in this moment, be me here. I’m a futuristic person so I’m constantly thinking about the future. But this year I’ll be hitting a milestone age so I’m taking these next few weeks day by day. And this outfit kind of captures that time of just being chill and calm–riding the wind as it comes.


I love this white button up shirt. It’s an essential and a must-have for me. I find it versatile, useful, and chic. Plus, it’s not too thick for the summer months. I went with this scalloped shorts (similar) and green flats (similar) to combat the heat. READ MORE