LETTING GO { Black Floral Dress }



One thing I love about a dress is I don’t have to think too much about what to wear with it. What I love about this black floral dress is that it’s both casual and dressy. I can just put on the dress a pair of black shoes and I’m good to go. I love the simplicity that a dress brings. At the same time, I like that dress can be pretty and fun. It really gives me room to just let go and enjoy the day.

With that said, I’m letting go of my fears. We all have fears, whether we like to admit it or not. One thing I’ve come to realize is that sometimes thinking about the fear of doing something is more frustrating and stressful than the actual doing.
I think it’s important to be cautious and safe, but it’s also important to know when you’re just afraid. Humans are creatures of habit–change can be scary, the unknown is scary. I’m a person that likes to know the possible outcomes and know what I’m getting myself into; however, I learn very quickly that I can’t control the future–so I’m learning how to embrace the ambiguity of life.






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As always, I wish you the best =)

Dress: Asos (similar here) || Boots: H&M (similar here)


“..let go, let God..”


  1. Gorgeous! loving the print of the dress and how you’ve styled it with the black boots!

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!

    Helen xx

    PS. Only one week left to enter my Daniel Wellington Giveaway and I would love if you would enter 😉

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