Dark Days || Monochrome Outfit & Yellow Cardigan

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I wasn’t sure what to title this look or this post, but I can’t believe October is over! I feel like it just begun. Nonetheless, here’s an all-black monochrome outfit with a pop of yellow for you =)
I find myself wearing less color, more black and darker colors. Fall is here, but winter is coming. And so is Thanksgiving…then Christmas…then THE NEW YEAR!! What? Where did the days go?


Time aside, I always challenge myself to incorporate bright colors during these dark days. I feel like the colors help brighten my day and others too. I’ve always loved this yellow knit cardigan (similar here) and these black booties (similar here). These continue to be in my fall/winter wardrobe.




Thank you for reading. Do you have any plans this November? Let me know!
As always, I wish you the best =)

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