Awaiting Spring || 12 Spring Fashion Must-Haves

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Spring represents renewal, new life, warmer weather, longer days. Spring marks the end of winter. Spring brings rain and flowers, birds and butterflies. Spring is the time we come out of hibernation and start swarming the parks and trails. Spring inspires cleaning out the old and welcoming the new.

Welcoming the new, for me, means new decor and new fashion. I love looking at the bright new colors stores are bringing in and the new clothing pieces that will inspire the new season. I want to share with you my 12 Spring Fashion Must Haves from Ann Taylor. This weekend is the store’s Friends of Ann Event: 40% Off Your Purchase with Promo Code: FRIENDS40. Valid 3/02/2017 @ 12AM-3/7/2017 @ 3AM.

A few of the pieces I’ve chosen are also currently on sale (without any codes), which means IT’LL BE SALE ON TOP OF A SALE which is a HUGE SCORE!!! I will note all the details with each piece =)

Marching Forward || Spring Green Dress

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February is coming to an end. March is coming upon us. This time of year is what I like to call the “dead of winter.” I wrote more about that season of life here. But it’s basically the transition of winter into spring, that period when nothing is growing yet and everything is bare. Even though that transitional period feels like forever, I know and remain hopeful because the grass will green and the flowers will bloom. I wanted this blog post to illustrate that hope.

In our lives, there will be moments when we’re in this transitional period where everything feels dead and grey. But life is full of seasons. Before we know it, there will be life and color everywhere. READ MORE

Dear February || Who What Wear

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February is more than half way through. There is still room for snow, but I’ve been grateful for the warm weather. The warm weekend prompt me to spend the day outside in this beautiful dress from the who what wear collection with Target.

I love the light chiffon material and the contrast floral print. I love the long sleeves and the high neck. It has a 70’s vibe. It makes me want to stand on a hilltop with the breeze against my face.

And though February is the shortest month of the year, it marks the start of longer days. I can’t wait READ MORE

5 Reasons to Try Sheet Masks

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I love skin care. Though there are days when I dread washing my face and going through the application routine, I’m always on the lookout for something new and for something that my skin loves. While I’ve gone through different cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and creams throughout the years, there’s something I use that is consistent. Can you guess? Yup, sheet masks. Though I do try different brands, I tend to go for ones I know works for me.

And here are 5 reasons why you NEED to try sheet masks too:

1) Hydration/Moisture: One HUGE reason I love sheet masks, they bring hydration and moisture back to my skin. In the winter months, my dry skin sucks all that moisture up, helping my skin stay hydrated. In the summer months, my skin absorbs the moisture, helping my skin stay healthy and bright. READ MORE