The Menswear-Inspired Shoes || Oversized Checked Blazer & Loafers

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We are well into half of October, and like every month, I have no idea where this month went. I can’t believe we’re half way through it already! Nonetheless, more fall fashion heading your way. (Because after Halloween, it’s all about the holidays and new year).

Today, the menswear-inspired shoe everyone should own, or at least consider owning: the loafers. I seriously love loafers so much. I have 3 YouTube videos dedicated to ways to style loafers: watch here, watch here, and watch here. (Yes, all different loafers in all the videos. Most of them are also thrifted!! Which is a huge plus in my book).

For this look, I went for a minimalistic fall outfit. I started with a pair of black pants and a white tee. Black pants and white tee is a very basic starting point for any outfit mixing. (It looks great on its own too). Then I topped the outfit with an oversized checkered blazer. I love the vintage-vibe and menswear-inspired elements of the blazer. The checkered blazer is printed, but the colors are quite muted so while the blazer is a statement piece, it is not too loud. I finished with a pair of black patent leather loafers (similar here). (The newest pair to my loafer collection).

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Bug Bomber Jacket & Red Pleated Skirt || Fall Fashion Trends

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Welcome to a new week! October is flying by so quickly already. The fall weather is officially here. I’ve been wearing sweaters and layering almost everything I wear.

I’ve also been incorporating tights, especially when I wear skirts or dresses to work. This outfit I’m wearing is a simple black, white, and red look. Which, by the way, are great color combos. The t-shirt is actually designed by me but I also like this one and this one. The black bug bomber jacket is part of the Victoria Beckhem x Target collection (similar here and here). I love the embroidered bug details. I designed to wear a red pleated skirt for contrast and some pop. (Also, red is the color of the season!! Similar here and here). Then I finished with black tights and these black ankle boots (I love these ones) to wrap the entire look together.

A simple cool-weather outfit.

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2 Things I learned After College || Bridesmaid Dresses Series 4

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This is part 4 of my Bridesmaid dress series where I showcase my bridesmaid dresses I’ve worn for weddings and reflect on my younger self. You can read part 1 (here), part 2 (here), and part 3 here. This series has been nostalgic for me, and hearing your feedback has been lovely.

For this fourth part, I will be reflecting on 2 things I learned post-graduation (so somewhere between 22-23). (Part 1 was a letter to my 13 year-old self, part 2 was what I would tell my 18 year-old self, part 3 was 2 Things I Learned Entering my 20’s).

This green mint chiffon dress I wore to my friend’s wedding. I think this might be my only mint dress from this series. And as usual, I will also include a bridesmaid tip & some pink dresses at the end.

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Striped Button-Up & Red Pants || The Final Quarter

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It’s only September. But we’re well into the final quarter of the year 2017! Can you believe it?
Like, where did this year go? I feel like I didn’t accomplish anything. (Though I’m sure I did quite a lot).

Plus, when I walk into stores, most of them are already decked out with holiday decorations. Halloween is definitely up-front-and-center, but I see those Thanksgiving and Christmas decor hanging around in their own little corners just waiting to be put out.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about one thing that will be everywhere this fall season (and going into winter).

The color Red.

Red is going to be more than just a holiday color this final quarter of the year. It’s actually one of the colors of the season. Which only makes it appropriate to bring out these red pants (similar here and here). READ MORE

White Turtleneck & White Lace Skirt || Fall is Here

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Tomorrow marks the official first day of fall. The weather has definitely gotten colder, especially in the early mornings and late evenings. Plus, the leaves are turning colors!

This time of year is great for warm drinks and cozy outfits. Read more of my fall posts here and here!

But just because it’s fall, and it’s after Labor day, doesn’t mean you can’t wear white anymore. You can! For this outfit, I even pulled the monochrome look by pairing a white turtleneck (similar here) with a white lace skirt (similar here). READ MORE