Be Summer Ready || Graphic Tee & Floral Skirt

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It’s finally summer!! Okay, it’s technically not summer until the 22nd but the weather is definitely summer ready. And because the weather is summer ready, that makes me summer ready too. I especially love summer because I am a July baby and I appreciate the short-lived hot weather. (I feel like most of the year is cold).

With summer here or just around the corner, I wanted to show a couple of my favorite summer fashion trends.


Two of my favorite summer trends I am wearing for today’s outfit post: graphic tees and floral prints. READ MORE

Why You Should Start a Fashion Blog || Fashion Blogging

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“Should I start a fashion blog?” If you are asking this question you probably already know the answer.

If you want to start a fashion blog, I say go for it! You have nothing to lose. And, if you figure out that you don’t like blogging about fashion, you can at least say you tried and didn’t like. (Otherwise, you’ll probably spend the rest of your life wondering how your life would be different if you did start that fashion blog).

Starting a fashion blog is not difficult. There are a ton of tutorials out there to help you start your blog, especially on the technical side. But I’m not here to talk about how you can start a fashion blog. I’m here to talk about why you should start a fashion blog.

If you already have a fashion blog, that’s awesome! (Leave it in the comments, I would love to visit!). I hope you will gain some inspiration from this post, even as a blogger yourself.

If you are still undecided, this post will help guide you in going through with starting your fashion blog.

(And if you are not interested in starting a fashion blog at all, this post can still be applied to any kind of blog or website!) READ MORE

Bell Sleeve Dress || Slowing down time

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Have you ever gotten lost scrolling through facebook, or instagram, or watching an entire season of a TV show? I know I have. The other day I found myself scrolling through Instagram, and when I finally looked at the time, I realized an hour had already passed. (Now, I’m not saying that having down time and catching up on social or shows is bad. I do it all the time). However, I did find myself asking how I can use my time more wisely.

I’ve been listening and watching a lot of motivational/inspirational speakers. Now wish I knew what I know now at the age of 20 or 18. It’s interesting how when I was younger, I felt like I had all the time in the world, I felt like I couldn’t wait to get older to do things. Now that I’m older, I feel like I have to hustle. I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day. I’m wishing I can slow down time. Do you guys feel this way too? Let me know in the comments!

For me, the challenge is trying to find the balance between soaking in a moment and hustling through projects.

Aside from wishing I can slow down time, I love this bell sleeve dress from the Who What Wear Collection for Target. READ MORE

Hopping into Warmer Weather || Victoria Beckham Pink Dress

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Can you believe we are half way through May already? I feel like April literally just ended yesterday. Though May is speeding by, I am excited for the warmer weather ahead.

To start this mid-month off, I am wearing this pink dress from the Victoria Beckham X Target collection. Have you seen the Victoria Beckham for Target collection yet? Her collection is now on sale at Target, so definitely check it out before the pieces are sold out. (I do think the collection runs big. I wear an XS in the normal Target brand (Merona & Mossimo). So if you can try it on before purchasing, I would recommend that).

What drew me to this pink dress was the bunny on the collar. I think that is a super cute and unique detail. It helps to set this shift dress apart. (This dress also comes in black. Both pink and black colors are also available in Girl sizes).READ MORE

Not May the fourth | Hmong-Inspired Skirt

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I can’t believe May is here and we’re near half-way through 2017 already! That only means the hustling will have to move faster. (Also, I named this post not May the fourth because it’s no longer May the fourth. This post has nothing to do with Star Wars).

I’ve been the midst of starting a few projects, and I want to share one of them with you today. I am starting a fashion blogging series here on Looks by MC. I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding fashion blogging and blogging in general. Which led me to start this new series so I can also share some personal tips with you. My ultimate goal is to inspire others.


Fashion Blogger Feature: Fake-Leather

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I’ve been receiving questions on how I got started with my fashion blog and how someone can start his/her own fashion blog. Rather than just having these conversations on the side, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips with you. Moving onward, I will be sharing a few of my fashion blogging tips and tricks. With that said, you will not only receive my personal tips, I’ve interviewed some of my favorite fashion bloggers to provide inspiration for you. These bloggers are the ones who have personally inspired me to start and continue my blog. I hope you enjoy this fashion blogger feature series. Thank you.

Today’s fashion blogger feature is Adriana from Fake Leather. I found her blog around the time I first started blogging (few years ago). Her blog post layouts are clean, minimal, and it looks like I’m flipping through a chic magazine. I love both her written content and her style. She has definitely inspired me to try new ways to wear a classic piece.

Without further adieu, here is her interview:

Could you describe your blog & tell us how long you’ve been blogging
My blog’s name is Fake Leather and I’ve been blogging for 6+ years about personal style, lifestyle & beauty. I feel pretty lucky that I started when everything was organic, we blogged because it was a need for us to express and, because there was no sponsored content at that time, we all were honest about our opinions.

Why did you start fashion blogging and how did you get started
I always wanted to study something related to fashion but my mother didn’t allow it (“you can’t make a living of that” she said) so, while I was studying graphic design, I created a blog because I wanted to do something creative in fashion. I started picking up a name that was available and a very simple Blogger template. I used to take my photos on my front door with a tripod and a super basic camera. I was doing it for fun and I actually didn’t care much about the quality.

What has been a challenge for you in maintaining your blog
The main challenge is to be your own boss and stay disciplined. Because you don’t have a person telling you “do this tomorrow, write this post now and publish at least 2 Instagrams per day” you have to be dedicated with your blog and your schedule. This is, of course, affected by mood changes and days where I don’t feel inspired at all.

What keeps you motivated, and how do you find inspiration for your posts
I think I seriously love blogging, from picking up outfits, to taking photos and editing, I truly enjoy the whole process and that’s my main motivation. I want to challenge myself and see if I’m able to create something even better this time, if not, well, there’s always another day. I find inspiration everywhere, from magazines, to movies and window shopping. I love fashion but I want to give it my own touch.

What would you say to someone who wants to start a fashion blog (Or, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start a fashion blog)
Do it for the right reasons! There’s nothing wrong with putting food on the table by blogging, that’s our main goal, but it shouldn’t be your only reason to open a blog. Have a thing to say, take good photography. At first, you might have to copy bloggers you admire, and that’s ok, you will eventually find a way to create your own original content by growing as both a person and a blogger.

Adriana: Blog || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this inspirational and helpful. I know I certainly did. I want to thank Adriana for saying yes to this short interview. If you haven’t already, check out her blog and follow her on social!

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