Autumn Sun || Beret & Skinny Scarf

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With November here, I can’t help but notice the bare trees coming forward and the cool nights getting colder. I drink more hot tea, and I wear socks to sleep. The sun also sets earlier now and will continue to set early until spring. Yet, I can’t help but be mesmerize by the beautiful sunset sky. I love the way the sun kisses the trees and everything is golden.

The beautiful nature aside, I took the time to sit on the grass and soak in the sunset after this quick outfit shoot. There was a flock of geese in front of me with the sound of the highway in the distance. It was quite relaxing.

fall-outfit-looks-by-mc-white-beret READ MORE


Dark Days || Monochrome Outfit & Yellow Cardigan

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I wasn’t sure what to title this look or this post, but I can’t believe October is over! I feel like it just begun. Nonetheless, here’s an all-black monochrome outfit with a pop of yellow for you =)
I find myself wearing less color, more black and darker colors. Fall is here, but winter is coming. And so is Thanksgiving…then Christmas…then THE NEW YEAR!! What? Where did the days go?


Time aside, I always challenge myself to incorporate bright colors during these dark days. I feel like the colors help brighten my day and others too. I’ve always loved this yellow knit cardigan (similar here) and these black booties (similar here). These continue to be in my fall/winter wardrobe. READ MORE


4 Reasons to Love Sweater Weather || Green Cardigan & Black Booties

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Today is the last day of October. That gives us 2 months until the end of the year, that also means the days are going to continue getting shorter. And because the days continue to also get colder, I had to take out my scarf (similar here). Yes, the scarves are out. This outfit is simple and quite minimal. I have on a white top, black pants, and black booties (similar here). To combat the cold, I went with my green cardigan and then a knit scarf for extra warmth.


I love the neutral color palette and simplicity of this outfit. And because I’ve been living in sweaters and thick cardigans, I thought it only appropriate to share 4 reason why you should also love sweater weather. READ MORE