Wedding Bells | Wedding Guest Outfit

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T’is wedding season! Okay, every season is technically wedding season, but spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings. Every wedding is different and while what a guest wears is not the important part of the wedding, as a guest, it’s still takes time to figure out what to wear. Especially when it comes to what is appropriate and not appropriate.

This is a wedding guest outfit I wore to a recent wedding I attended. I didn’t buy a new skirt or dress, instead I opt for a mix-and-match.READ MORE

Beauty and the Beast || Summer Enchanted Rose Dress

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Do you like roses? Isn’t interesting the meaning a rose takes on in our society today? Whether you’re a fan of roses or not, you can’t deny that it symbolizes love (to some degree). But today, I won’t be talking about just any red rose, I’ll be talking about the enchanted red rose. Yes, the enchanted rose from the film Beauty and the Beast.

This is the last post to my Beauty and the Beast trilogy. If you haven’t seen my previous 2 post about Belle’s Little Town (or Belle’s Provincial Life) you can see it here and Belle’s Yellow Dress, you can read it here too.

This dress is from the Beauty and the Beast Collection from Target. This rose dress, while the silhouette is inspired by Belle, the print is inspired by the enchanted rose.READ MORE

April Showers | Hmong Embroidered Jacket

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Embroidery is everywhere this season. There are embroidered pants, embroidered skirts, embroidered jackets, embroidered dresses & skirts, embroidered shoes. While the embroidery on a lot of the mass produced clothing pieces are sewn via machinery, I can’t deny the fact that embroidery just looks beautiful. I am, however, more in awe of people that hand sews embroidery. Of course, there are different types of embroidery but nonetheless, the outcome of embroidery is always beautiful. Embroidery is definitely an art.

Growing up I would watch my grandma sit by her sewing machine or on a couch, and hand embroider various Hmong patterns. Once old enough, though I was still in grade school, she taught me how to create the beautiful designs. Eventually I was good enough that she would give me projects to work on, so she can focus on sewing other things. Unfortunately, over the years I became busier and I don’t remember the last time I create a Hmong embroidery piece or embroidered anything.

But I still have admiration for people who embroiders. Similar to the one on my jacket in this outfit. This is actually the top part of a traditional Hmong attire, but I wanted to style it differently for this look. I opt for an embroidered jacket because READ MORE

Beauty and the Beast || Belle’s Yellow Dress

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This is the second post to my Beauty and the Beast trilogy. If you haven’t seen my previous post about Belle’s Little Town (or Belle’s Provincial Life) you can see it here. This outfit is inspired by Belle’s yellow dress. In fact, this outfit is from the Beauty and the Beast collection at Target.

I won’t be talking about my adoration for the Beauty and the Beast film (both animated and live-action) since I did talk about it here. But I will be sharing a few of my favorite Beauty and the Beast Belle inspired dresses. I know Prom is coming, weddings are coming up, spring dances, graduation parties, and the list goes on. Whether you are attending a very formal dance or a casual wedding, you can still channel your inner Belle. Plus, if there is an event that is Beauty and the Beast themed, this would be perfect!


Raw Hem Jeans or Fringe Hem Jeans? || Spring is Here

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Are you a fan of the fringe-hem jeans? Or do you call it the raw-hem jeans? Maybe the frayed-hem jeans? Whichever way you call your seamless jeans, while they may not have the clean-cut-hem look of a normal pair of jeans, they do pair well with different clothing pieces to create that chic outfit. (Here are a few of my fringe-hem jeans faves: this one & this one).

Here, I’m sharing with you one way to style raw-hem jeans.READ MORE

Beauty and the Beast || Little Town/Provincial Life

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Disney Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney princess animated films. I have re-watched the animated film multiple times. I can still re-watched it multiple times. I enjoy watching a lot of other animated films too so don’t get me wrong.

I recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast live-action film featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, and I loved the it! No spoilers, but the live-action film, while it follows the animated version quite well, features more thorough scenes and backstories that tie the entire story together really well. I also think the actors and actresses did a great job. I also think Beauty and the Beast has a wonderful cast. (Plus, I am a fan of Emma Watson, I mean who isn’t, right?) If you are wondering “should I go watch Beauty and the Beast the live-action film”, you definitely should!

This outfit is inspired by the scene where Belle performs her song “Belle/Little Town,” and she walks through the the market. Emma Watson’s Belle READ MORE