Lookbook: Blue Blazer in Simple

The Sun will Smile =)


This outfit reminds me of interviews and jobs. Unsurprisingly, I’m currently job hunting. It can get draining. Nonetheless, it must be done. I’m debating if I should make myself a cup of coffee…hmmm. Well, this outfit is very simple but I like the pop of blue. I think it adds a unique yet chic touch to the look without over doing it. And if you haven’t already, check my blazer video here ! READ MORE

Lookbook: Jeans & Magenta


I’m back home, and I must say job hunting is all I’ve been doing. But this past weekend was fun =). Had a family reunion on Saturday and then went to Joy Yee’s on Sunday. (And if you’ve never had Joy Yee’s, it is a MUST-TRY restaurant–sadly, it is only available in the Chicago area). Nonetheless, here is my casual look =). I think a flowy top with a pair of skinny jeans is simple and easy but still very chic. READ MORE

Lookbook: Stripes with Black & Khaki

Hello Hello =)


I’m back home from Florida. I spent almost two months down there, and it was a great experience. Now that I’m back, I am job hunting and praying for the best! =) Thus, this outfit was inspired by job-hunting. Whether it is working in an office or going to an interview, I think this outfit is versatile. But on a completely different note, I can’t wait to see my man ^_^READ MORE