Styling Yellow Crocs || Crocs Shoes & Fringe Jeans

Hello Hello,

The crocs are here. And they are here to stay.

My boyfriend got me these yellow crocs shoes for my birthday a couple months ago. They’re the latest shoe to my shoe collection, but I’ve been enjoying wearing them.

While some people may not like crocs shoes, I don’t mind them too much. In fact, I actually like wearing them to casual events or on my off days.

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Today I share with you 2 Reasons Why I Like Crocs Shoes:


Yes, it’s true. Crocs shoes are quite comfortable. The trick is to get one your size. Once it fits, it fits nicely. (Mine are actually from the Kid’s section because the women size ran large). The crocs shoe is not rock hard, and it’s not cotton-like soft. It’s has a nice cushion to it that makes it comfortable on the feet. You can also wear socks with them and wear them wherever you want. I wear them out if I’m just running errands or going to a casual outing.


Crocs shoes are great for walking in water, in the rain, in the mud, etc. I hate wet socks or wet closed-toe shoes. If I’ll be in the rain or near water, I opt for cheap flip flops because I like having the water run through my toes and I don’t have to worry about ruining my shoes. These crocs are a great alternative to cheap flip flops. Plus, they provide extra security for my feet.

So in conclusion, you can wear your crocs shoes on land and in the water. And that’s pretty awesome.

To complete this outfit, I went with a pair of fringe jeans (similar here and here). These were DIY (watch DIY video here). I love the casual and effortless element of frayed hem denim. I finished with a white button-up blouse. I like the black trim on the blouse. It’s a small detail that keeps the white button-up shirt interesting and different.

Thank you for reading! Do you like crocs shoes? Let me know in the comments! I know I do. I plan on getting them in more colors! As always, I wish you the best =) Don’t forget to SIGN-UP for the FREE Looks by MC fashion & lifestyle newsletter

White Blouse: Dress Lily || Fringe Jeans: Thrifted & DIY’d (watch DIY video – similar jeans here) || Yellow Crocs Shoes: Crocs

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  1. Cute crocs! I love this look!
    Adi xx

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