Where to Make Extra Money Selling Your Clothes

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Are you looking to make extra money on the side? Or do you just want to get rid of some old clothes? Whether you need the extra money or just need to clear out your closet, here are a few places you can turn to to help you sell your clothes.

I’ve used all of these methods at some point of my life, and I can say that they work. While these ideas may not make you a millionaire, they are great platforms where you can make extra money selling your clothes:

1) Plato’s Closet/Local thrift stores that buy: I put this one first because I think this is the quickest way to see results. You bring your unwanted clothes to them, they sort it out and give you a price for the clothes they want to buy from you. Now granted, sometimes these stores may take a lot or nothing at all from you so the cash you make may vary. Regardless, this option will still give you something.

2) Thred Up: Thred Up is an online platform that buys your gently used clothes or put it on cocosignment (meaning they’ll give you the money after your items has been sold). Their website has a calculator page that helps give you an idea on how much you could make and what brands you can send to them. Also, thred up conveniently sends you their dotted bag to your front door, making shipping easy for you.
Here’s a few of my picks from them: Zara Dress, Floral Dress, Express Pants, H&M Pants, Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Bag

3) Posh Mark/Depop: I have never used Depop, but to me it’s the same ideas a Posh Mark and I’ve used Posh Mark. I’m still on Posh Mark. Posh Mark is super easy to use. You just list your item and while Posh Mark does take a small percentage, you get to see how much you will make so you can change the price accordingly before your listing goes live. Plus, once you’ve sold an item, Posh Mark conveniently sends you a shipping label so all you have to do, is package your item and stick the shipping label onto the box or bag. Super simple, highly recommend.
Here’s a few of my favorites: Forever 21 Metallic Bow Dress, Ann Taylor Jacquard Pencil Skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag

4) Yard Sales/Local sales events: This option is great during the summer months, and if you have time. This is another great way to see results right away. You sell something and receive payment then and there. Simple.

5) Your Social Media: If you don’t want to go through a third party or if you want to sell on more than one platform, use your own social media accounts! I know Facebook is a great place to sell things. You can sell it locally or to just people on your friend list.

Ann Taylor

I hope you found these ideas, platforms, and/or places helpful. I know they’ve helped me tremendously throughout my years. They definitely make selling clothes easier, faster, and more convenient. Of course, there’s also Ebay and Etsy (if you have vintage or handmade item).

Have you used any of these platforms? Let me know which one. Do you have a platform you use that’s not on here? Let me know too!

Thank you for reading. Share this post if you found it helpful =)
As always, I wish you the best.

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  1. They all sound like wonderful options. I wish in Melbourne we had more thrift stores that buy. I usually pop most of my things on eBay or Gumtree honestly as the fees are low or non-existent.

    Adrianna xx


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