Not May the fourth | Hmong-Inspired Skirt

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I can’t believe May is here and we’re near half-way through 2017 already! That only means the hustling will have to move faster. (Also, I named this post not May the fourth because it’s no longer May the fourth. This post has nothing to do with Star Wars).

I’ve been the midst of starting a few projects, and I want to share one of them with you today. I am starting a fashion blogging series here on Looks by MC. I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding fashion blogging and blogging in general. Which led me to start this new series so I can also share some personal tips with you. My ultimate goal is to inspire others.


April Showers | Hmong Embroidered Jacket

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Embroidery is everywhere this season. There are embroidered pants, embroidered skirts, embroidered jackets, embroidered dresses & skirts, embroidered shoes. While the embroidery on a lot of the mass produced clothing pieces are sewn via machinery, I can’t deny the fact that embroidery just looks beautiful. I am, however, more in awe of people that hand sews embroidery. Of course, there are different types of embroidery but nonetheless, the outcome of embroidery is always beautiful. Embroidery is definitely an art.

Growing up I would watch my grandma sit by her sewing machine or on a couch, and hand embroider various Hmong patterns. Once old enough, though I was still in grade school, she taught me how to create the beautiful designs. Eventually I was good enough that she would give me projects to work on, so she can focus on sewing other things. Unfortunately, over the years I became busier and I don’t remember the last time I create a Hmong embroidery piece or embroidered anything.

But I still have admiration for people who embroiders. Similar to the one on my jacket in this outfit. This is actually the top part of a traditional Hmong attire, but I wanted to style it differently for this look. I opt for an embroidered jacket because READ MORE

A New Year || Hmong Inspired Dress

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modern hmong dress

Even though it totally feels just like a normal tomorrow with the only difference being the year, it’s a new year! 2016 was a year of challenges and emotions both good and bad. I spent a lot of time thinking more than doing but I believe those times were much needed. While I’m a bit anxious and afraid of what’s to come, I’m also excited for this new year–the new challenges, the new activities, the new things I’ll learn. I’m challenged, encouraged, and empowered to make this new year different.

For the first time, I will not be having resolutions, just 2 goals. But today, I’m here to share this outfit with you. This Hmong inspired dress was made by my grandmother a few years ago. I wanted to feature it here. I layered the dress over a white turtleneck and black tights. The embroidered pieces on the dress was actually hand embroidered. How cool is that?

hmong fashion blogger READ MORE

Fall Classics || White Button-Up & Batik Skirt

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I love a white button-up top. I think it’s definitely a classic and a staple and an essential. Even though a white blouse is a year-round piece, it’s also a part of my fall classics.


I went with this batik skirt to keep the color minimal. I made this skirt and you can learn here! (It’s very simple, I promise). I finished with a pair of black heels and a statement necklace.

I also want to share with you 4 additional fall fashion pieces that are classics for me: READ MORE

Hmong Inspired Designs | Case App

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Can you believe it’s already July?! We’re are more than half way through the year. Anywho, I wanted to share with you something that I’m quite proud of and something I seriously love! If you guessed the cases, you are correct.
These are from Case App, a brand where you can create a custom iphone case or custom laptop skin.


When Case App contacted me, I couldn’t wait to get designing. I knew what I had in mind, but I wasn’t sure it would translate onto a phone case or ipad skin. However, after much anticipation I finally received the phone case. I loved it so much, I went ahead and bought the ipad skin!

And because you are special (and it’s my birthday month) here’s a 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE for you: READ MORE

Autumn Flight of the Butterfly {Black Maxi & White Blouse}

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A butterfly migration. The flight of the butterfly. I’m sure many of us know that various types of butterflies migrate south during this beautiful season of the year. I love watching butterflies–they’re just amazing.

But a butterfly, without even recognizing it, represents or symbolizes something more than itself. To some the butterfly means grace and beauty, to others change and strength, and while to some the butterfly helps to explain certain theories. Many clothes, shoes, and accessories have also implemented butterfly designs and prints. Whatever the butterfly may or may not mean to you, I think they’re beautiful creatures.


This statement necklace has a butterfly on it. I admire the intricate designs on the butterflies and the layout of the necklace. I wanted a simple outfit to go with the necklace so I decided on a white blouse and a black maxi skirt. I added the scarf as an extra accessory to combat the breeze (it wasn’t that cold, just breezy). READ MORE