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Because the holiday is upon us, I’ve decided to gather up a gift guide idea for you. This gift guide is for that fashion girl in your life.

I think the difficult part about getting a gift for a friend who is fashionable is that that person usually has a certain style or knows what s/he likes. However, that shouldn’t discourage you in getting some fashion-related gifts.

I’ve put together 10 gift ideas you can get for your fashion friend. Of course, these are only ideas for inspirational purposes only.

fashion gift guide for the fashion girl

Here is my gift guide for her. Gift ideas for the fashionista.

1. COMFY Scarf
A scarf is essential in the fall and winter months. I would recommend getting a blanket scarf or a simple and chic scarf. I would avoid print, unless you know what specific print your friend likes.

2. CLASSIC Blazer
A blazer is an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. I particularly like colored blazers, but I would recommend sticking with a neutral-colored blazer. I would also stick with a simple design.

3. SWEATER Sweater
Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. It’s sweater season! I don’t think you can ever have enough sweaters. I would get an oversized colored sweater. I chose sweater because it’s an essential and who doesn’t love a cute, comfy sweater?

4. HAPPINESS Necklace
I chose this particular necklace because I love the meaning behind it. But I recommend a necklace that has a meaning to that person, or that reminds you of that person.

5. LOAFER Mules
What can I say. I love these shoes!! I have a video here and a video here where I share with you different outfit ideas and ways to style the loafer mules or backless loafers. I highly recommend these shoes! Just make sure to get on in the correct size.

I love hats, and berets are no exception. A beret is classic and chic. It’s easy to wear and it’s simple. Plus, they’re affordable.

7. PAJAMA set
I love a nice set of pajamas. This is something that person would wear time and time again. I recommend getting a set that they would like. If they prefer shorts and a tshirt, get a set with shorts and a tshirt. If they like pajama pants or silk pajamas, get those.

8. BLACK crossbody
Yes, get a nice crossbody bag. I think anyone can use a crossbody bag. I recommend getting one similar to the image above, or a rectangular-shaped one. Make sure the quality is decent and the straps are adjustable. I would also stick with neutral colors. Nothing too bold or too print-y, unless you know what your fashion friend likes.

9. NO-BUTTON Poncho
Poncho!! I love wearing ponchos. They look great and feels great. You can style them up or down, and they feel like you’re wearing a soft blanket. I recommend, again, neutral colors. Try colorblocks or maybe simple patterns like stripes, checkered, or houndstooth.

10. CLASSIC Watch
Finally, a watch. I recommend a classic, simple, and minimal watch. But obviously get what your fashion friend prefers. I think there’s something nice and elegant about a simple black watch.

gift guide for the fashionista girl gift ideas for her
And those are my 10 gift ideas for her: the fashionista. Of course, these are just ideas to help you get started on your shopping trip. These don’t just apply to the holidays, they work year-round for birthdays, graduations, weddings, other celebrations. Let me know in the comments what some of your gift ideas for the fashion girl would be!

Thank you for reading. As always, I wish you the best =)

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